Looking to finish your education and enter a well paying, interesting career that can help make the world a better place? The career you’re looking for is ready for you – in food and agriculture!

The UN estimates that by the year 2050, the population of the earth will reach at least 9.5 billion, an increase of almost 2.5 billion people in 35 years. More people will demand better and easier access to food, while climate change may actually take away some of the land we need to grow it. That’s a problem, but you can be a part of the solution.

To feed the future, we need people like you - people willing to stand up and change the world. Without more young professionals entering the food and agriculture workforce, millions will go undernourished, or worse, without food at all. We will be unable to sustainably feed everyone. We need you to do your part by entering one of many amazing careers.

Explore this website and see others that were once like you – trying to find a way to make a difference in the world and have a career they enjoy at the same time. You’ll see other college students, professionals and professors who stood up to the challenges of the future. Learn more about your career choices post-graduation.

Employers are looking for people like you! You could be a soil scientist, an agronomist, a food scientist or an animal breeder, and those are just a few of the many great careers to choose from! Join the movement to create a sustainable food and agriculture system. Together we can feednourish and create a thriving future, for everyone.

“See what others are doing to feed, nourish and create a thriving future!”


  • Erin Bush



    My name is Erin Bush and I am from Franklin, Indiana. I am majoring in Agronomy in the Soil and…

  • Hillary Fischer

    Hillary Fischer


    Hillary plans to pursue a career in research that focuses on characterizing plant defense responses to biotic and abiotic…

  • Jade Mitchell

    Jade Mitchell

    Agricultural Engineering

    Dr. Jade Mitchell coordinates a program to train fellow scientists to assess microbial risks and assemble plans to help…

  • Jessica Woodworth

    National FFA Organization

    Food Animal Veterinarian

    The Mineral County FFA Chapter member from Keyser, W.Va., is the daughter of Richard and Margaret Woodworth. As a…

  • Kati Ledbetter


    Food Science

    Käti Ledbetter is the beverage applications manager for Archer Daniels Midland Company’s Research and Development group. In that role,…

  • Keith King


    Plant Breeder

    Keith King has been with DuPont Pioneer since October 2012 where he has worked in the Soybean Product Development…

  • Kiko Barr

    Kiko Barr

    Sustainable Agriculture

    Kiko’s obsession with agriculture began in her freshman year when she read Michael Pollan’ The Omnivore’s Dilemma in her…

  • Kiona Elliot

    Kiona Elliot


    As one of three children being raised in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., by a single mom who made ends meet…

  • Lazarus Lynch

    Lazarus Lynch

    Food Science

    Lazarus Lynch is a homegrown chef, travel and culture enthusiast, and the son of a southern chef. Born and…

  • Lisa Tiemann

    Lisa Tiemann

    Soil Biology

    Dr. Lisa Tiemann’s research focuses on soil organic matter (SOM) dynamics and nitrogen cycling through a microbial lens. This…

  • Maci Lienemann

    Maci Lienemann

    Animal Science

    As a life-long beef producer Maci Lienemann's future goals and aspirations are greatly influenced by her desire to improve practice,…

  • Marshall Hay



    I am a M.S. student in the Department of Agronomy at Kansas State University. Growing up an Iowa farm…

  • Martha Mamo

    Martha Mamo

    Soil Chemistry

    Mamo has an NSF project focused on a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional soil science education project.  She recently received the…

  • Matt John

    Ivy Technical Community College

    Agriculture Education

    Matt John is the Program Chair of the Agricultural program at Ivy Tech Community College in Columbus, IN, where…

  • Max Petrie


    Chemical Engineering

    Max grew up in Plano, TX before attending college at The University of Texas at Austin in 2008. As…

  • Morgan Tranmer

    Morgan Tranmer

    Integrated Science

    After spending the summer after her HS graduation studying stingless bees and pollinator health in Kenya through the World…

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